Digital temperature control AKO-D14412, AKO-D14423, AKO-D14412-RC, AKO-D14423-RC

RANGE FROM -50 ºC TO +99 ºC, 4 RELAYS Compressor and auxiliary relay (defrost or fans). Application: Industrial and commercial refrigeration, display cabinets, electrical Auxiliary relay programmable as an alarm, 2nd defrost, gas collection or light. Defrost by heat, air or cycle reversal, programmable by controlling compressor, resistances (or cycle reversal) and fans. Real-time clock for starting defrosts. A 2nd optional probe allows defrosting by temperature. Programmable digital inputs such as door switch, external alarm, remote defrost, energy saving or continuous cycle. Integrated RS-485 communications. Configuration wizard depending on application (8 configurations). (8 configurations) for AKO-D14412-RC and AKO-D14423-RC devices.